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Sorry, Judy. I looked at the attached email and thought that was the one I was supposed to read.

Yes, Shal’s layout would work fine.

He separates How (individual, Digest, etc.) and What (all messages, following only).



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Frances, I don’t see anything about a template in the message I am referring to from Shal.  Here is the message #835.  He is just suggesting that the various options be rewritten to better explain things.  
Maybe I’m misinterpreting something in your messages.  
Judy F.
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Yes, I read Shal’s email before I wrote mine. Templates might be fine in some circumstances.
But really the only confusing part of the delivery options is that a subscriber must make two choices if she wants Daily Digest.
It *does* make sense. I might want just the first email in a thread and want this to come as a daily digest.
However, because of the mixture of radio buttons and the check box and the layout, it isn’t clear. 
I remember that when I first looked at it I thought, oh, all mail - but I want daily digest. 
So something to set the Daily Digest apart would solve the problem.
Right now there is a default set for new members - All mail.
And frankly, I guess I don’t understand the need for templates. 
What would be useful is a screen that shows Groups.io members what the delivery settings are for all of their groups.
As an “owner”, I can go to Members and see what the delivery settings are all the members of my group.
For myself, if I want to see that, I must go to each group, click on Subscription and see the delivery settings.
But if I belonged to a lot of groups, wouldn’t it be nice to go to one page (In Profile, perhaps) and see the delivery settings for all my groups?
Some of us are thinking like subscribers and some like list-owners / moderators. Perhaps that’s why I don’t get the templates.
However, we want the same thing - simplicity. 
But we can do that by page layout, I think.
On Jan 18 15, at 7:45 PM, J. Faulkner <jfaulkner44@...> wrote:
Francis, I think Shal came up with a viable solution.  Don't know if Mark will use it, but hopefully he will.  

Go back through the messages and find that one from Shal, I know it was late yesterday (Saturday) that he sent it.  

Judy F.
SW Florida - USA

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I just looked at the “join” page for a group.
There are radio buttons for the top options (all email, first email, etc.) and a checkbox for daily digest.
You are obliged to select a radio button. You may opt to tick the checkbox for daily digest.

That is confusing.  Perhaps a box around the Daily Digest section?


On Jan 18 15, at 6:32 PM, Linda Star-Freedman <donlin2@...> wrote:

Hi Shal,

Can you detail for us what you did wrong? A little background on the confusion might go a long way to helping Mark make the options clearer.

I already had an owner email address subscribed to All Mail. The problem arose when I subscribed another email address to receive the Digest.  I ticked the Digest Box and I was forced to select one of the options above -so I ticked No Email.  When no Digest arrived, I thought there was a bug, but it was my own fault.

It would also help me understand if the separation of Email Delivery from Message Selection that dg and I proposed is (sufficiently) clearer.

With all due respect, I found your suggestion so confusing, it motivated me to express my desire for simplicity.

Would it help if you were able to control the default Subscription 
options your members get when they join? cf my other suggestion 
"Membership Templates": 

If what you meant was that I could select these mail options for my members' default, I'm all for it (KISS):
  All messages as single emails
  No Mail except Special Notices



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