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Me and BobbieSue <sylvester2007dc@...>

On Monday I edited a message before approving it for posting to the group.

On Tuesday I reviewed the Digest from the group, my comments on the edits showed up for '''all to see'''......I don't mind the author/poster seeing the edits and my comments, but I think that other members might view this as a 'chastisement' (good thing I was kind about the comments, LOL) of a member and I would not want my member to feel like they have been singled out and chastised since we are all adults...........

Is is possible that this could be changed so that it does not show up in the Digest for 'all' members to see?  MHO, I think this should be privy to Owners, Moderators and Author/Poster.

Thanks for the consideration.............



Administrator to:





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