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3a. Re: [beta] Re: Special messages
From: Shal Farley <shal@roadrunner.com>
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2015 00:39:40 PST


As to Shal's suggestion, yes, it would be useful if the creator/owner of
a group could block the "nomail" option.
That was Duane's suggestion, not mine. I actually disagree.
I stand corrected

"No Mail" is a feature that perennially generates heated commentary on the various Yahoo Groups moderator forums. Some moderators are adamant about preventing members from choosing the option, some members are equally vehement in asserting that messing with the member's delivery choice is a violation of the member's prerogatives.

Personally I think both sides in this argument are a bit foolish.
I see what you mean

Get real: the member who selects No Mail probably did so for a reason, otherwise they would have selected Special Notices.

Well, yeah, but in yahoogroups, email-only members DID NOT HAVE that choice, and still don't. "normal", "digest", "nomail" - that's it.

5a. Re: Special messages
From: "Linda Star-Freedman" <donlin2@thetravelzine.com>
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2015 04:41:41 PST

What do you think about these mail options?
Please pay particular attention to the last one:

All Email
Every message is emailed to you.

First Message Only
The first message of every thread is emailed to you, along with all messages from threads you start. You can decide to receive additional messages from threads you're interested in.

Replies Only
Only messages in threads you start are emailed to you. On the website you can specify threads that will be emailed to you.

Daily digest:
Group messages together as one email instead of individually.

No Email
You will receive no emails except Special Notices.
That's what Mark says he's tempted to do. I could live with those settings, but still think it's VERY wrong to *call* it "nomail" when you still do get some messages.

My preference is still that the owner of a group can disable actual "nomail", especially if the type of group requires people to be reachable off-list. That may not be necessary in announcement-groups, but very practical in busy groups whose digests would become undigestable if people discuss all kinds of details on-list.

Periodical newsletters can be subscribed separately.

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