locked Re: Delivery Options


Hi Shal,
Can you detail for us what you did wrong? A little background on the confusion might go a long way to helping Mark make the options clearer.
I already had an owner email address subscribed to All Mail. The problem arose when I subscribed another email address to receive the Digest. I ticked the Digest Box and I was forced to select one of the options above -so I ticked No Email. When no Digest arrived, I thought there was a bug, but it was my own fault.

It would also help me understand if the separation of Email Delivery from Message Selection that dg and I proposed is (sufficiently) clearer.
With all due respect, I found your suggestion so confusing, it motivated me to express my desire for simplicity.

Would it help if you were able to control the default Subscription options your members get when they join? cf my other suggestion "Membership Templates": https://groups.io/org/groupsio/beta/thread/membership_templates/24549
If what you meant was that I could select these mail options for my members' default, I'm all for it (KISS):
All messages as single emails
No Mail except Special Notices


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