locked Re: Mid-Year Groups.io Update



My top picks from your list:

o Improve search in general ...
o Bulk member removal
o Activity log search

o Notifications overhaul (e.g. notice of Wiki page creation/edit)
o Photo & File import from Y!Groups
o Permalinks for all resources (photos, files, wiki pages, events, ...)

I have said in the past that I was wary (Shal!) of adding new settings
because I feared the site was getting too complicated. I've had a little
bit of a change of heart with that. I want Groups.io to be the best and
I understand part of that is being able to customize it for each
individual group/circumstance.
I agree. I think with careful attention to the architecture and organization of the controls you can cover a lot of use cases without a lot of confusion or clutter.


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