locked Mid-Year Groups.io Update


Hi All,

At the beginning of the year, I outlined a feature roadmap (see https://groups.io/g/beta/message/4759). Since then, I've been able to accomplish several of those goals, along with many other things that came up (in-line images in posts and drafts are but two examples). I'm happy with the progress over the last 5 months; I hope you are as well.

It's time to outline what my current priorities are; feedback is appreciated. These are unordered. Bug fixing will always be a priority as well.

  • Improve the mobile site
  • Add the ability to search by author
  • Improve search in general (search over messages vs search over threads needs to be combined)
  • Email hiding (aka fig leaf stuff)
  • Implement anonymous groups
  • Bulk member removal
  • Activity log search
  • Calendar event RSVPs

Also, I have a much better idea of what the Enterprise version will look like, and will be working to add the following features for it:

  • Ability to use your own domain
  • Ability to display your own logo on the website and digests
  • Ability to deactivate members instead of removing them
  • Ability to include your own web pages at the top level of the domain
  • Ability to display separate web pages for members vs public
  • Ability to charge subscription fees (this will be in version 2)

I have said in the past that I was wary (Shal!) of adding new settings because I feared the site was getting too complicated. I've had a little bit of a change of heart with that. I want Groups.io to be the best and I understand part of that is being able to customize it for each individual group/circumstance.

Thanks, Mark

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