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I doubt that there are many users who do not use message view who even
know that message numbers exist. They're a weirdness as far as I'm
concerned, and when I've seen reference to them in the past my reaction
was, "What's that?
Also, for anyone "unwilling to trust a link sent in email" that's their
problem, not mine or any other poster's. I've had knock-down drag outs
on several of the groups here because people have had the inane idea
that "unmasked" URLs were somehow "safer" than ones using click-through
text and didn't like click-through text being used.
Perhaps you need to become more familiar with Groups.io's features and functions rather than being so churlish towards those with opposing opinions.

If one doesn't trust the source of the link then one shouldn't click it,
but if one does there's really no reason to believe that they'd include
a malicious link in a message that has seemingly been composed by them.
That's fine for sophisticated users like yourself who know to hover over the link to examine the URL, or who are confident in their ability to discern when a message really came from the person they think it did. But for others "seemingly" may give them pause, particularly given the prevalence of spoofed addresses and compromised accounts spreading messages with malicious links.

Shal, you really need to look up the meaning of "strawman."
FWIW I stand behind my assertion. You cited other's belief that the function is vital, then ridiculed the idea that "regular users" would recall message numbers. For that not to be a straw man argument the cited others would have had to have actually raised that as their justification for the feature.[1] As I said, I doubt that.


1: a weak or imaginary opposition (as an argument or adversary) set up
only to be easily confuted

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