locked Re: Editing Glitch #bug


This is why I hadn't reported it yet. It doesn't seem to happen consistently. In some cases, in editing/approving my own posts in my group (I have myself on moderation in order to allow myself a full-screen edit before posting), I get my signature doubly added (a second one is added during the approval process). In a different group of mine (I just tested this), editing the pending post of a moderated member does not add my signature. In some cases, editing an already-approved post adds my signature and in some cases it doesn't. I was hoping that I could give Mark more information before sending him the bug. I have a suspicion that it might be somehow connected with the ellipses problem I'd already mentioned.(*)

(*) (Yes, it is still a problem, BTW. When I simply quote text in a message, even if the text is not from Groups.io, Groups.io's algorithm always hides it with an ellipsis if it is not inlined. For example, if I compose a message consisting solely of "The following is an excerpt from the textbook:" and after that give the quote, the text will not appear. It will instead be hidden with an ellipsis unless I allow my signature, or any other text, to follow it.)

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