locked Re: Problem with Search Function Plus a Request

Janice B <weebee.1@...>

When I use the Search feature and my term has multiple words, I use a plus sign between the words so that “it” knows I want those two words to be right next to each other in the search results.  I did one like that about an hour ago I needed to find the message that gave instructions on how to use a certain tension test and the term I used was tension+test and all results had those two words right next to teach other.   We generate a lot of messages about tension problems (we are long arm quilters using a robotic machine) and I would have gotten a gazillion hits about tension problems if I hadn’t used the “+” between the words.


On another vein but still about searching.  I would very much like it if when we are searching in Files and we get a hit if it could show the file folder the PDF or doc is located in.  I got a hit and all it told me was it was in Files which I already knew.  We have lots and lots of files—I would love to have been shown a directory of sorts showing the exact folder containing the file I was searching for.  I had to open a lot of folder before I found the file I needed.


Janice Bahrt

Retired School Librarian

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