locked Re: Problem with Search Function



... if it's possible to search by message number in other views it
should also be in threads view.
In both Message View and Expanded Message View there's a separate search box for search by message number.

I've seen a lot of "Beta people" refer to this function and how vital
it is to them,
It is sometimes handy, but I don't think it is important enough to merit its own UI elements. Hence my suggestion to roll it into (what I think should be) the general search box.

and I'm not doubting that it is. That being said, most
"regular users" wouldn't have a snowball's chance in hell of
recalling a specific message number ...
That's a straw-man argument: I don't think anyone expects people to remember message numbers. (This argument was frequently employed after the Y!Groups "neo" redesign of 2013, by those who mistakenly thought the search of message content function had been taken away - but that's a whole other story).

Search by message number can be handy when someone cites a prior message by number rather than giving you the full link (URL) for the message. Or maybe if you are unwilling to trust a link received in email you might prefer to go to the site yourself and then search.

I have occasionally cited a prior message by number, even a message in another group by name and number (eg: GroupManagersForum@#502) when I make the citation for completeness, but don't feel that most readers will want to go read it. Then (especially with a shorter group name, like beta@) it becomes a matter of brevity. If I were writing a formal paper I'd use a footnote.

Fortunately, Groups.io includes a "View this message" link at the bottom of individual emails. Y!Groups doesn't and I sometimes found myself digging the message number out of the email header and then going to the archive to find it.


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