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I agree that it is a little confusing right now. And you are correct, right now in the Group view, there is no way to mute a thread. I will add that to the TODO list. 

Right now the only place to unmute a thread is going to the home page/Inbox view, and clicking on Muted Threads.

I use Inbox view to refer to all the messages from all the groups you're subscribed to. And I use Archives to refer to messages from a particular group. Do you (or anyone here) have any suggestions for better words for these?


On Wed, Oct 15, 2014 at 3:40 PM, Frances <travel@...> wrote:
Hi Mark,

I have a question or two about the way Groups.io works.

There seems to be two views for messages - an Inbox for all groups I belong to (Home), and a screen for each group I belong to. (from Home, choose Your Groups).

These operate quite differently and I find it confusing.

I like that I can see all recent posts for ALL my groups at once in one place (the Inbox). But sometimes, I just want to see messages from one specific group.

The All-groups (Home) screen has an Inbox.
The specific groups screen only has an Archive and the Top Posters list. No Inbox. However there is a Messages label which seems to be for moderation purposes at some point.

If I want to mute a thread,  I can only mute a thread through the website if I go to all threads for ALL groups I belong to, i.e. to the Inbox.

However, I cannot mute a thread from the specific group - from Archives. I can see a link to examine muted threads, but cannot not mute another one.
If I select Thread View (not Message View) in Archives, I can edit a thread - close a thread or make it a sticky.
This might be a logical place to mute a thread.

Also, I see I can also edit a thread from an email - there is an option at the bottom of the email to mute the thread - at the bottom of the Digest email.

I was also wondering where / how I can un-mute a thread. For example, I might want to mute a thread if someone is becoming tedious! But later, I might want to hear any new discussion on the topic.
Or am I missing something?


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