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Here's how a thread happens. Someone sends a message. Others reply to that message, or to other replies. All of those are in one thread. If someone replies, but changes the subject, then that becomes the start of a new thread. If someone sends a completely new email (compose instead of reply) that happens to have the exact same subject as another thread, it's still considered a new thread. The system figures this out by mainly by reference information encoded in the email headers by everyone's email programs. There is no time component.

If someone mutes a thread, they're only muting that particular thread, not every message with a particular subject.

Hope this helps.


On Wed, Oct 15, 2014 at 3:56 PM, Frances <travel@...> wrote:
Hi again

I was wondering how threads work.

We have a travel discussion forum so some wording might appear on different posts and appear to be a thread. Like “Rome hotel”.

It is particularly important if someone has muted a thread and now wants new posts.

So, does the algorithm just see the word order and group it as a thread? Is there a time component? Can old threads be restarted by someone using the same words and word order?


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