locked Re: Delivery Options



Here are the current delivery options:

- All Email
- First Message Only
- Replies Only
- Special Notices Only
- No Email
These are a lot of options. Any suggestions for how to make things more
clear, or better organized, would be appreciated.
In another thread, dg raises a good point:

I would think that back to what I'd said before - there are delivery
options, and then there are LSoft like "topic" options - and they should
be separate.
Perhaps refactoring it a bit could make it easier to understand. See if you think this makes any more sense of things:

Email Delivery

o Individual Messages

o Daily digest - Group messages together as one email instead of individually.

o Special Notices Only - Only Special notices from the moderators are emailed to you.

o No Email - You will receive no emails.

Message Selection

o All Messages - Every message is emailed to you according to your Email Delivery selection, except threads or hashtags you've muted.

o Following Only - Every message in threads or hashtags you are following are emailed to you, except threads you've muted. (Special notices from the moderators are followed).

|_| First Message Also - The first message of every thread is also emailed to you, except for hashtags you've muted.

|_| Follow Replies - You automatically follow any threads you start or reply in.

("First Message" is intended to be indented, an option to "Following Only". "Follow Replies" applies regardless of the Message selection.)

This refactoring loses the case of getting messages from threads you start, but not threads you replied in (as in the current "First Message Only" option), but I think that's probably not a loss anyone will miss.

Making the "Follow Replies" a separate option means that it is useful even for those who prefer to read and post messages via web (using the "Followed Threads" lists on the web site).

I think thread following or muting threads should take precedence over hashtags. That is implied above but not explicitly stated.

Special Notices are, well, special, in that they are sent immediately
and not included in any digests.
I think they should probably be included in the digests, as well as the archives. Belts and suspenders, I know, but it could matter depending on filters the member may have set up in their email. Also, I think fewer special cases are better.

-- Shal

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