locked Re: Delivery Options


Reply on a second thought -

I think you are still mixing two separate concepts -
*what* you see, and *how* you see it.

These are *what* you see:
- All Email
- First Message Only
- Replies Only
- Special Notices Only
But this is a *how* you see it:
- No Email
IMO - Individual Messages, Digest, and No Email go together.

All Messages, First Message, Replies Only, <hashtag options>,
Special Notices Only are *what* you see. Muting or Following
a thread are added functionality in the *what* area.

Only place I'm still torn is the NoMail/Special Notice thing.
Myself - I would want to have people see them if the group
is going to be down (one of my mailing list servers is moving
from California to Oregon next week, so I need to make sure
the mirror group on Google has all the current addresses and
settings), or something like that - but if they really aren't
reading that mail - it's moot anyway, they'll just have to
find that out when they can't even get into the web group.


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