locked Re: Delivery Options


On 1/17/2015 4:23 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
If you're set to All Email and mute a thread, you will not see that
thread in your digest.
I'm still not clear on how the Hashtag/Topics will work.

If you opt out of any messages with a specific hashtag,
but it also has hashtags you *are* following, you should
get the message/thread, right? (that's the way LSoft
does it)

Will that also be true of digest - any messages that
only have the undesired hashtag/topic should be left
out of the digest - but if the message has a tag/topic
that you do want as well as the unwanted one, it should
show up in the digest.

(apologies to any of you who have only dealt with Yahoo
and Google Groups - I've worked with several list server
programs, and can see that with the use of the hashtag,
Groups.io can have a functionality that is only available
on a very expensive server - LSoft. This functionality
is probably the only thing that has kept LSoft alive -
I'm not sure how much of what it does is configured by
the SysAdmin, and how much is built in - but on the
cat list that I am most familiar with, it only keeps
3 months of archived messages, and it is purely a mailing
list - no options for photos, files, etc. Those have to
be kept in some other location - and a lot of folks
gravitated to Yahoo because they did keep everything in
one place. So if Mark can add that one bit of functionality
that LSoft has now, with functionality Yahoo *should* have,
and the features it does, or did, have - I can see a lot
of folks jumping on board. Our list has a "let's move to
Yahoo" discussion about once a year).


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