locked Delivery Options


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Here are the current delivery options:

- All Email
- First Message Only
- Replies Only
- Special Notices Only
- No Email

You can select one of the above, and that decides which messages you receive. Muting/following threads/hashtags are separate. If you're set to All Email, you can mute threads and you'll never see those. Or if you're set to First Message Only or Replies Only, if you follow a thread, you *will* see all those messages.

The Daily Digest is a checkbox, and is separate from the delivery options. What the digest does is collect any emails you would have been sent, and combines them into one message at night (or every 25 messages, whichever comes first). Say you're on digest. If you're set to All Email and mute a thread, you will not see that thread in your digest. If you're on digest and Replies Only, you'll only see messages in threads you participate in and any other threads that you specifically follow. Digests are customized and different for every person, unlike Y! Groups.

Special Notices are, well, special, in that they are sent immediately and not included in any digests.

Hope this explains things. I know it's a bit confusing, especially since with All Email, you end up muting things you don't want, but with First Message/Replies Only, you end up following things you do want (exclude versus include).

These are a lot of options. Any suggestions for how to make things more clear, or better organized, would be appreciated.


On Sat, Jan 17, 2015 at 3:02 PM, CatWoman <diana@...> wrote:
On 1/17/2015 1:14 PM, J. Faulkner wrote:
Does All Mail mean you are getting everything
individually?   If yes, maybe change that to also say as single messages or
something like that.

I agree - especially since all other listerver programs use
"Individual Messages" to mean just that.

I would think that back to what I'd said before - there
are delivery options, and then there are LSoft like "topic"
options - and they should be separate.

Individual Messages or Digest or NoMail or Admin Notifications.

Those are delivery options - and since Admin notifications can
contain information on something affecting the web-group access,
I prefer to use that option instead of NoMail.  With the caveat
that I often have two addresses subscribed, and the second is set

Topic options should be put in a separate file cabinet - it
affects *what* you see, not *how* you see it.  So if I am set
to Individual Messages, but opt to not see #catchat - I get
all messages except #catchat, as separate individual messages
in my email.  If I've chosen Digest, then the Digest would also
hopefully have everything but #catchat.

I don't know how easy that is to code - I do know that is one
place that LSoft fails (and probably is the main reason I do
not like Digest).  If you choose Digest on LSoft, you get
*EVERYTHING*, whether you've subscribed to the topic or not.

Question, however - if you "mute the thread", does it just
refer to the actual subject?  Or to the subject *and* all the
hashtags used by that subject?

Would assume that the hashtags would have to be a setting,
the way you do with LSoft - and the thread refers to whatever
is after the hashtags?


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