Locked Re: Special Notices, it is done


On 1/17/2015 1:14 PM, J. Faulkner wrote:
Does All Mail mean you are getting everything
individually? If yes, maybe change that to also say as single messages or
something like that.
I agree - especially since all other listerver programs use
"Individual Messages" to mean just that.

I would think that back to what I'd said before - there
are delivery options, and then there are LSoft like "topic"
options - and they should be separate.

Individual Messages or Digest or NoMail or Admin Notifications.

Those are delivery options - and since Admin notifications can
contain information on something affecting the web-group access,
I prefer to use that option instead of NoMail. With the caveat
that I often have two addresses subscribed, and the second is set

Topic options should be put in a separate file cabinet - it
affects *what* you see, not *how* you see it. So if I am set
to Individual Messages, but opt to not see #catchat - I get
all messages except #catchat, as separate individual messages
in my email. If I've chosen Digest, then the Digest would also
hopefully have everything but #catchat.

I don't know how easy that is to code - I do know that is one
place that LSoft fails (and probably is the main reason I do
not like Digest). If you choose Digest on LSoft, you get
*EVERYTHING*, whether you've subscribed to the topic or not.

Question, however - if you "mute the thread", does it just
refer to the actual subject? Or to the subject *and* all the
hashtags used by that subject?

Would assume that the hashtags would have to be a setting,
the way you do with LSoft - and the thread refers to whatever
is after the hashtags?


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