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Judy F.

Shal, if members are used to Digest where you get all of the messages and
then all of a sudden Digest has a totally different meaning that will cause
a lot of confusion. Does All Mail mean you are getting everything
individually? If yes, maybe change that to also say as single messages or
something like that. Then describe Digest more clearly like from options

All I will be doing is explaining how that works because I'm sure you know
that most people do not read.
Judy F.
SW Florida - USA

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BTW I still find the placement of the Daily Digest option confusing.
The key is that it is a checkbox, independent of the other choices. This is
not the same as Yahoo Groups, where Digest is the same as "All", but in a
digest. The meaning in Groups.io is that whatever messages you get, as a
result of the other choices, arrive as a digest instead of individually.

-- Shal

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