locked Re: Find Group listing #suggestion


On 1/16/2015 1:33 PM, Shal Farley wrote:
I run a few very private (Yahoo) groups -- private in the sense that
membership is rigorously restricted and the resources (messages, files,
photos, etc.) are private (members only). Yet I want those groups to be
findable by the people who qualify for membership. If I had their
contact info already I might feel differently, but I need them to be
able to find the groups because I don't know how to find them.
But - Steve is right. I am owner of a couple of groups - no longer, or
never, on Yahoo - where it is a closed group of people, and the only way
in is for someone who is a member propose or ask about adding another
person. We then discuss it - and since usually the person is known by
the other members anyway, unless someone has some serious objection,
we then have the original proposer write and ask if the person wants to
be included.

So, it should be an option to allow a private group to be visible in
searches or not.


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