locked Re: Feedback about Moderating Messages #suggestion


On 16 May 2016 at 8:46, HR Tech via Groups.io wrote:

Yes, I'd like the way it behaves is you "edit' one pending post to be
duplicated even if you don't edit so that you can just click through each
message without having to go back to the pending list each time.

Do you agree Jim?

Not sure I understand what you mean by duplicated.

The way it behaves for me is that I edit or delete a message, and after the
I Save & Approve or Delete, the next message in the list comes up to be
edited or deleted. It works for me because I do something with each
message the first time I see it in the queue. I don't save for later.

If I Cancel while a message is displayed, I'm brought back to the list of
moderated messages.


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