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A group, such as is provided by Groups.io and Yahoo groups, is not a forum or a
mailing list, although it incorporates many of the attributes of each. Unlike
either of those, it also provides storage for files and photos, calendars, etc.
To my mind a group is far more useful than either a mailing list or a forum for
most purposes.

Incidentally. simple mailing lists (such as Rootsweb) also provide usually
on-line archives.

Jim Fisher

On 16 May 2016 at 6:59, Brian Vogel wrote:

The fact is that what we have as an online forum archive is a hell hole and
that's in large part because people can't make what are normal edits, which can
sometimes be multiple and occur over hours, on technical posts that would be
greatly improved "for the record" by that tweaking.

Even I will admit that a short hold won't solve that problem, but it could solve
quite a few "sender's remorse" issues that can be easily tweaked.

As Shal has mentioned, and my own experience on the forums I'm on an this one,
too, indicate that the vast majority of interaction, and particularly where
e-mail is involved, is not in anywhere near to real time.  A several minute
delay is a short one, and they're usually longer.

I do not even try to get users that are e-mail regulars to learn how to search
these forums because the of the content mess that comes back is sheer hell to
wade through in almost all instances.

The e-mail list and online forum us an unholy wedding that makes for some very
thorny situations that really are not particularly good for either side of the
equation.  And so long as the attitude is that "both sides are equal" that mess
will continue, unabated.   To get something that comes close to what most
online forums are you would have to make the online interface have primacy with
the e-mail side as "an available option."   The mindset and behaviors that go
with mailing list participation are very, very different than for forum
participation and for good reason:  mailing lists don't form online archives
like forums do - they're the cyber equivalent of paper ephemera.

To my view, that's the core difference between the two, and the forum format has
the unquestionable advantage of forming an excellent archive of information if
and only if the content is editable by the original poster and that endless
bottom quotation of previous material is not the norm.

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