locked Re: How does one follow a topic or hashtag?


On Fri, Jan 16, 2015 at 1:56 AM, Shal Farley <shal@...> wrote:

I'm feeling a little dense, like I'm missing something obvious.

Not dense at all.

My initial assumption was that people would interact with their groups through email and through the 'Inbox' view on the Groups.io website, instead of visiting individual group archives. When you subscribe to a group, all of the group messages instantly show up in your Inbox. So, when viewing threads in Inbox view, depending on your subscription, you'll have either 'Mute This Thread' or 'Follow This Thread' at the top (you get the same option in the message footers when emailed to you). And there are separate views for threads you've already muted or followed, along with muted hashtags, so that you can 'undo' those operations.

There currently is no option to follow a specific hashtag. That's clearly missing.

"No Email" currently means no email (subject to the other special notices discussion...)

If your subscription is set to First Message Only or Replies Only, you'll still get email from any thread that you follow.

Basically, if you're set to All Messages, you end up Muting things you don't want. If set to First Message or Replies Only, you end up Following things you do want.

This all is tremendously confusing, I agree. I believe you're the first person to dig into this stuff (and therefore the first person to review my design....) So, like with everything else, suggestions are appreciated. :)


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