locked Re: Special messages


On 1/15/2015 8:17 PM, JohnF via GROUPS.IO wrote:
You're assuming special messages are extremely rare, but a group could
make use of them more frequently. Say, a group that produces a weekly
newsletter. Some people just want to get the newsletter each week, and
some want to chat about it.
There is a feature of LSoft that is probably the reason people still
use it when there are free options.

It is the ability to set up specific subjects (on one list, CATCARE,
RESCUE, TAILS, ADMIN and OTHER). People can filter what they want to
see based on the subject. OTHER is an "opt-in" to see what is sent
that has no subject, or a misspelled subject, etc. ADMIN is like
special notices.

It allows you to set up one group instead of having people have to
subscribe to multiple groups. And the owner only has to manage the
one group.

I don't know how hard this is to implement, or if LSoft has a lock
on the use of this - but I would love to be able to set up a group
on an LSoft server just for the Topics option.

If anyone else has experience with LSoft and thinks this is a good
idea - can we put it on the "pie in the sky" to do?


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