locked Re: Multiple copies of a posting


Hi Alastair,

On Sun, May 8, 2016 at 9:01 AM, Alastair Sharp <alastair.sharp@...> wrote:

Well, none of them have the <Edited Message> and all 3 have the same message number.   I am the group owner, so I doubt if these are boncing.   I think they are all submitted by e-mail, and it's ALL the emssages, not just some.   Any more ideas?  

Please send a message to support@groups.io. I need the name of the group and the message number. Also, I'd be really interested in the message headers for each of the 3 messages you received. The headers aren't normally displayed in email, so you'd have to find them somehow (I don't know what email client you're using). The headers contain lines that begin with things like "Received:" and "Subject:"


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