locked Re: removing plain-text digest? (was:: Wording for digest options)



We seem to be talking at cross-purposes here. I always read and send in plain
text. The "broken across two lines" referred to the mailto link in Shal's
message. I was reading in plain text, clicked on the link which opened a new
message to send. It had the correct "To" address and the whole subject up to
the point where the link broke at the end of the line in Shal's message. I
expected this from its appearance, because although I was reading in plain
text, my email client still colours and underlines any links it recognises
(URLs and mailtos), and the colour/underline stopped at the line ending.


On 8 May 2016 at 13:42, Brian Vogel wrote:


       But were you using plain text for your message composition?  There
should be no "broken across two lines" in a way that the computer would
recognize in pure plain text that happens to wrap on the screen.  The only
reason there should be a line break in plain text is if one hits "Enter" to make

        I just tried Shal's example, sending from Gmail in plain text mode
and intentionally forcing the line to wrap.  I tried making it wrap with
nothing but spaces prior to the mailto, and again with text ahead of it.  In
Outlook 2010 and WLM 2012 everything still "linkified" correctly.  I had
forgotten that I also set myself up with the Win10 mail app, too, and in that
client there is no linkification.  I'll have to explore whether there's an
option somewhere that would turn it on.

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