locked Re: Multiple copies of a posting



Suddnly, I have started getting 3 copies of every message posted imy
Group. Is this a bug?

In your email look at the tops of the later messages. Do they say:

[Edited Message Follows]
If so, it is not a bug. Or, click through the "View This Message" link in one of the copies and check out the message in the group's pages. Does it show an "Edited" badge near the upper right? That too will tell you, and if you click the badge you can then use the Compare Revisions button to see what was changed.

Otherwise Look at the footers for the three copies of the same message. Do they have the same message number? If not the message was submitted three times, not edited and not duplicated at receipt by your email service. Try to determine if the messages were created using the New Topic or Reply buttons in the group, or whether they were submitted by email.

If they do have the same message number, and were not edited, the duplication most likely happened at the hand-off from Groups.io to your email service. It could be that Groups.io was told (or misunderstood) that the attempted delivery failed, so Groups.io tried again. Yet your service did in fact accept the message each time. If something like that is happening you may find your email address marked as "bouncing" and ultimately "bounced". Either way, it will likely take Mark to look at the server logs to determine what happened.


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