locked Re: Special messages


On 1/15/2015 8:32 AM, Jim Fisher wrote:
The system should not be too quick to remove memberships based on messages
That's the issue with YG - they have a bounce list, but
unless a mod or owner checks it regularly - or someone
complains about no longer receiving mail, the email is
effectively set to nomail.

What MailMan does is send out a message the 1st of every
month - just basically a reminder to the person that they
are subbed to the group (a special notice, in effect).
Bounce notices are sent to the owner address and I think
the person is set to nomail.

LSoft sends out an annual probe - but it will remove any
email that bounces more than <X> times (Since I no longer
run any LSoft lists, I can't remember if the value of X
is set by the list owner or the system admin).

What I'd like to see is something between MailMan and
Yahoo - don't wait for the special message - but don't
just stick the email in a bounce list. Send a notice
to the owner that mail to <email> is bouncing.

This may be a place where, depending on the list, you
may want to store a phone number - or have an alternate
email address for members - so you can find out if they
know they are bouncing. We still have issues with this
on a list I own with one member and (presumably) DMARC,
because she gets some messages, but not all.


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