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The system should not be too quick to remove memberships based on messages
bouncing, even for people who have chosen to receive messages either singly or
as digest. Messages can bounce for a number of reasons, such as mailbox
temporarily full or, as happened to my wife recently, because of some system
glitch putting it out of action for a few days (in my wife's case it was out
for about 12 days because of a host service mix up with the DNS system making
her email, and my web site, inaccessible - corrected today). I don't remember
seeing anything on here about how bounced messages are treated by groups.io
(may be my memory - I haven't checked archives).

Jim Fisher

On 14 Jan 2015 at 21:18, Shal Farley wrote:


I know Yahoo doesn't do that - it just relies on
bounces - but that only hits those that have signed
on to get messages via email.
That's sort-of the point.

If they elect "No Mail" there's no point in probing that email address - they
can only be reading the message via the group's web pages. And if they are, it
is unfair to them to remove their membership just because the listed email
address is bogus.

-- Shal
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