locked Re: Special messages


On 1/15/2015 12:39 AM, Shal Farley wrote:
On the whole I do side with "No Mail is my right". Even though an email address is required to establish a web-access membership, there's no reason to force the member to receive anything at that address. I just don't see any cause to get huffy about it: if you want to access the group's content but the owner is a control freak, set a filter. Done.
In my lists, several folks have more than one email address,
and all but one are set to nomail.

I do - in Yahoo it's a good idea to have an alternate address
to get mail from if your primary is compromised.

Or if you have device-dependent email (gmail for an android
device, something else for your iPhone, and a 3rd for a
computer - some people still use the POP option).

Or if you are going to be away and don't want mail piling

And some folks are more comfortable reading on the web

IOW - I agree that NoMail is a valid option - I just
wouldn't want _it_ to be a requirement.


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