locked Re: Special messages


> Even though an email address is required to establish a web-access membership, > there's no reason to force the member to receive anything at that address. Shal, this is to address your line I've quoted above. It's just a story. It doesn't need a response. We ran into a problem with a member a year or so ago. I dont remember the particulars, but we needed to contact him off-list and he was hard bouncing because his mail box was full. We tried several times both on and off list. He'd reply to on-list comments from that same address with the full inbox, so there was no way we could get a reply back through to him. We finally dumped him from the group. He resubscribed - without ever emptying his mailbox. We finally dropped him a second time. We left a message on the list that if anybody knew him, to explain he was welcome to come back if he'd just empty his mail box. Long story short, yes there is a reason to be able to contact people. But allowing special messages wouldn't have made any difference there either. As Ron White says, "You can't fix stupid." Dano

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