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Question: if someone creates their own database, are they allowed to
transport that data elsewhere even if it was created on Yahoo?
If by "their own" you mean that the entire database table is created by a single someone, then yes of course: that person is always free to give himself/herself permission to publish his/her own content in other venues.

In other words, Yahoo in its TOS does not claim ownership of the members' contributions, it only claims non-exclusive license to display the contributions.

For databases built by multiple contributors the situation is murkier. As far as I know Yahoo's TOS doesn't distinguish between different types of content: the member's contribution is the member's contribution. In Yahoo Groups it would be possible, in principle, to distinguish the rows contributed by (or last edited by) each member.

That said, I don't think the current implementation reveals authorship for database content in any way (not in the database itself nor in the activity logs). I don't remember specifically, but I don't think Classic did either. So there are practical difficulties with respecting ownership of members' content within the database. The question of "allowed" then boils down to a question of how a dispute could possibly be decided. With a total absence of evidence of ownership I think the members would have to simply look upon the database table as a collaborative content, with no part of it specifically owned by any member.

But I am not a lawyer, so if you move a database and end up in a dispute with other people about their ownership of the content don't cite me as giving you permission.

-- Shal

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