locked Re: Some more suggestions #suggestion

Nightowl >8#

Tyger wrote:>>I see two general features as priority items so far: Photos and Databases.  I know photos is already underway, and see it as a priority because a lot of groups share photos as a reason for their existsance, or otherwise would find it a nice feature to use.  Common, popular, and very useful, nuff said.  I suggest Databases as an equal priority to Photos because we know that Yahoo hosed theirs up, and so many groups are in the market for a new home specifically because of that.  These two features would help increase appeal and get more testers and feedback available sooner.  Local activity groups make a good degree of use of that type feature for things like address lists, etc. so it could be helpful to them right away.  Plus the more reminiscent of our old homes the better. :)  This is not to exclude any things in the works now, or trivialize <<

I could not agree more on the database issue. It was one of the worst things people could have lost. So many people counted on that database feature.

I didn't think Mark was going to create a database feature for us though, has he changed his mind? I hope so, because I can't even begin to understand the wiki.


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