locked Re: Special messages


On 1/14/2015 6:59 PM, J. Faulkner wrote:
Dg, I'm aware of the various mail delivery options, but I didn't realize that's what Mark was referring to. I guess it was the terminology.
Glad to be of help!

I kinda think that I agree with whoever said that Special
Notices - "administrivia" - should be like a blast - goes
to everyone in the group. And that it is reserved for
that specific purpose - something that really impacts the
entire group, no matter how they usually access the group.

I'm also of the opinion that there should be an annual
"blast" message the way LSoft does for ListServe lists.
It just sends a test message to every email address on
the list. If it doesn't bounce, it just says "ignore
this message". If it does bounce - that email address
is no longer working. Setting it to NoMail, or deleting
it completely - not sure what LSoft does. I think
MailMan does the same thing - all it wants to do is
make sure that the email address it is trying to send
mail to is valid - even for those who don't receive
messages via email.

I know Yahoo doesn't do that - it just relies on
bounces - but that only hits those that have signed
on to get messages via email.


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