locked Re: Special messages


On 1/14/2015 5:17 PM, J. Faulkner wrote:
When would the special message as you mentioned be used?All of the
messages I mentioned above are in the files section of the group and
have various scheduling options the owner/moderator can select.
Administrative messages. Check your group setting for how you get your
email - there are 4 options:

Individual messages - you get one message in your email for each message
posted to the group (meaning - you're using it as a mailing list)

Digest - you get a collection of messages - either 1 day's worth, one
week's worth, or after some quantity of messages has accumulated (I
don't remember which option YG uses because I do not like digest).

No Messages - nothing from the group appears in your email - you have to
go to the group web page to read any posts

"Special Notices", also called Admin Notifications, which are only able
to be sent by an owner or moderator, and go to everyone who has not
chosen "No Messages" (at least that's how it used to work - it may be
that Special notices now go to everyone, even those on NoMail).

Special Notices are for things like reminding people to keep on topic,
letting the list know about a shutdown, or a re-name of the group, or
anything "administrivia".


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