locked Re: NC pending member?



(I've just spent five fruitless minutes looking for the unconfirm and
remove-account links so I can't test this now and I don't remember
the most recent wording. Can you or someone point me to them again so
I can test this?)
It isn't linked anywhere on the site. Use this link when logged in under the user account (address) you wish to delete.

Suppose someone applies only to one group. In that case, if they're
NC, it means (to THEM) they have not confirmed that they want to join
the group. The two things at that point - becoming a member of
Groups.io, and joining the group - are virtually synonymous.
I'd say more coincident than synonymous, but you're right that to a new user they'd seem much the same.

Even if the person has applied to join more than one group, the NC
status means that they have failed to respond to BOTH emails asking
that they want to join.
Yes, assuming that they are a truly new user (this email address has not been used at Groups.io before).

I think if they are attempting to join via the web site they would only be sent one confirmation request. When they attempt to join the second group they would be told that their email address is already registered, but that they need to confirm it. In this case they'd be directed to the login screen, I think.

If attempting to join via the +Subscribe email address I'm not exactly sure, but I think the precise message they get the second time would be different than the first, again reflecting the fact that Groups.io has seen that address before.

Both of those beliefs could use testing, I haven't looked through my notes yet to see if I have covered this case, but I'm fairly sure I didn't try joining more than one group with an NC address. Ill have to do some looking and/or testing before I can meaningfully get into the your more detailed questions/concerns about this.

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