locked Re: Disable archives?



On Wed, Jan 14, 2015 at 11:48 AM, Susan B <doggiesmail@...> wrote:
Steve, Mark, Shal -
We would very definitely want that. Our messages from the message board and our Files would both need to be transferred.
At least for the first iteration of group transfer, it will only be for members, not messages. It will be more difficult to pull the messages out of Y! Groups; I'm not sure I can make the moved archives a good experience. There is a tool that makes it easy to pull member lists out of Y! Groups. But the tools to pull messages out generally are broken; Yahoo certainly doesn't make it easy.

Some have mentioned that there may be legal or ethical issues, but I have not explored that at all. Is it like a message board/forum just moving to new software? I think that's considered acceptable. Or is it like moving to a whole different place on the 'net?


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