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Do you mean you are proposing special treatment for groups confined to members
who live in USA, ignoring the rest of the world? I would expect most groups to
be international in membership. Different countries have different structures
and different names for similar things. Switzerland, for example, has cantons,
France has departments, Germany has länder, etc. For Mark to provide for all
those variations would be a huge task, both in setting up the data for each
country and in keeping it up to date (some countries make changes from time to
time, which Mark probably wouldn't even know about).

Jim Fisher

On 15 Apr 2016 at 11:54, J_catlady wrote:

Of course. And I would gently point out that not everybody has to use every
response-type. :-) J

On Fri, Apr 15, 2016 at 11:30 AM, John Green <john.green@...>

Can I gently point out that not all of us live in countries that have
"state" but "county"; some databases include some UK cities and towns
as "county" which are not strictly counties.

John G

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It's nice that there's a "country" choice within a field of type "address"
that automatically provides all the possible answers for "country."

Could that be made into a separate answer-type for a field, and could
there also be a separate answer-type for "state" that brings up all the

I want to be able to sort a database by a "state" column, and if people
enter the state name in various (inconsistent) ways, it won't sort


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