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Hi Shal,
Our group would want all messages (from the group opening until the move) to be transferred to a message board, not to separate emails. We would want all old and new members to be able to see them on the group site and to be able to read through them and to search them. In other words, just what we have with the current Yahoo messages.
Susan B

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 > I'd hope that with io groups, though, at least the "new" io group
 > messages would be in archives that the group owner could download if
 > desired.

Yes, that's already a feature.

Each group's Settings page (available only to moderators) has a
"Download Archives" tab which produces a plain-text file that is the
group's archives in Mailbox (.mbx) format. So you get the original email
headers, MIME parts, and attachments of all the posted messages. An
email client like Thunderbird can import that file and show it to you as
a folder full of email messages.

-- Shal

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