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I think the message number should be on the message somewhere and easy to find. I don't use message numbers because I read and write by email and go to the site to approve pendings or use the Files. But some people do rely on them and so making them easy to see is probably a good idea. Especially for the technically-challenged <g>.
Susan B

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> Return-Path: <bounce+68+597+129+215@groups.io>

The second number is the message number, 597, and you can put that into the new "Msg Num" search box at the top of the Messages View. My guess is that the first number, 68, identifies the group, don't know about the other two.

129 is your user id, and 215 is your subscription id.

Feature: perhaps the message footer could contain the message number in plain view.

I'm concerned about 'footer bloat'. Do you think this would be useful enough to include?


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