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Hi All,

I'm tabling the idea of a per subscription user status for now, at least until we redo notifications. But I did just add moderator notes for each subscription. Click on a member to bring up their subscription. At the top there's a new tab 'Notes'. It's just a text field and a date. Editing a member's moderator notes is also logged in the activity log.


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Agreed, I think we would find that feature useful – or one that doesn’t show the actual email address but automatically forwards it to the correct address. That said, some of our very long term members do email each other ‘off list’ or once a thread has closed, continue a particular conversation off-list.


John Green


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We don't make our member list viewable on our main group or our sub-domain groups. But what might be cool within our subgroups is for there to be a member list but one that provides a picture and status and maybe a way to direct message within the groups.io platform (not direct email). We wouldn't want people's actual email addresses viewable for privacy's sake and spam prevention, but a profile that one can DM within the system would be of real interest. Likewise freethinking from that thought: the ability to create an event with registrants and for those registrants to receive notifications from the event organizer in their inbox/notifications would be cool. 

thank you


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