locked formatting of file-upload notification email #suggestion


This, too, is a nit and I probably wouldn't even bring it up if it weren't so wretchedly reminiscent of Yahoo:

The notification email that a file has been uploaded to the group has formatting that looks really bad in, for example, gmail on a computer. It looks fine on a phone. The problem is the word "Description." That word is at the left edge, in the middle of the vertical text for the description itself. On a phone, the word appears as clearly set-off to the left, with the text of the description appearing to the right of it, in many lines, even if the description is short. But on a full screen, there is an effect like this:

"This file contains instructions for calculating the dosage of the rescue drug xyz if the cat has relapsed or not responding to the initial Description: drug protocol."

In other words, the word "Description" appears to be jutting out into the middle of the description text. It's awful on a par with Yahoo's "update" emails, with their text running all over itself.

Could this be changed so that the word "Description" appears before (above), rather than alongside, the text for the description itself?


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