locked Re: Well...


Yep, you're right. Post via web should ensure that a post is tagged before it sends it, if the group is configured that way. I've added it to the TODO list.


On Sun, Oct 12, 2014 at 4:20 PM, <butterandpeanuts@...> wrote:
So I created a group, put up a post without a hashtag (in my settings I said one was required), and hit post, etc.  I thought it posted.
Then I get an email saying I didn't include a hashtag and gives me a link.  That's sorta weird that I have to wait till I get an email back to tell me no hashtag was included...
I click on the link, and it doesn't allow me to EDIT the post to add the hashtag.
Also, I'm getting weird action when I try and add a new line that has spaces between the lines. 

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