locked cover photo


I have a question about the Cover Photo.  Using a couple different photo editing applications, I managed to come up with a 900 x 300 photo, which is supposed to be the right size to use with groups.io.  When I go to upload it under Settings -> Cover Photo, and then view it on the Home page, it doesn't look right.  The top appears truncated.  When I go back to the Cover Photo section under Settings, it looks like it should.  But, the length looks short for my browser window.  So, I go back to the home page and hold my mouse on the lower right corner of my browser and drag the corner to shorten the length of browser.  Eventually, I get to a point where the cover photo displays correctly.  But, it leaves about 2 inches of the desktop showing on each side of the browser. 

What I am wondering is if groups.io is optimized for displays that are more square?  I use an iMac with a 21.5 inch display.  It is longer than it is high.   My son uses a Window 8 computer with a display that is wider than it is high.  My other son has an older Windows XP with a square monitor.  Of the three, I am thinking that the cover photo would only display correctly on the XP computer. 


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