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Judy F.

Might work for others, but our group doesn’t charge a fee like eBay, etc. do. We don’t get involved with any money as such, because once a member places the ad on the group, the buyer replies directly to the seller and the money transaction is between them.   Has worked very well with us having over 17,000 members.   



Judy F.

SW Florida - USA


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That brings up an interesting thought:


What about a "sales" page/feature that not only works like you describe but also integrates with services like paypal (if you are daring, maybe even bitcoin).  Paypal integration could also allow people to donate to a non-profit group, or just help keep the premium group funding going.  Money transactions going through the product does get much trickier I'm sure, but why not see about it? 


Thanks for the info on how you would use a photo feature.  Just to clarify, I'm personally in favor of anything people need for what they do!  Options are what make a service great.  Keep them coming!


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I moderate a buying and selling group that uses photos to show what item they are selling.  I have a requirement that I think is pretty much just the opposite of some of yours. 


1) we need two lines like Yahoo has now when you click Edit to provide information about the item and also the email address of the person selling the item.

2) no comments.  So if this could be turned off for the group that would solve that problem.  Our members contact the seller directly  so the photo is more or less just for viewing

3) an easy way for the seller to delete the photo if the item sells

4) photos do not need to be approved by a moderator

5) option to show latest posted photos first. 

6) currently Yahoo has a Photostream.  If we have something similar to this (in addition to the various albums) but have the information that was added to the photos that would be great

7) we use various albums and create new albums each month.  At all times we have the current month albums and the previous month.  Allow the naming convention to have the previous months albums below the current month.  I do that now by having an asterisk space before the album name for the current month and only the album name for the previous month. 


Note:  there are a lot of embroidery/sewing/quilting groups that use the photos basically the same way also.




Judy F.

SW Florida - USA


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Some things I would like to see in a photos feature:


  • Ability to create albums (possibly with a cover photo).
  • Navigation through an album with a left/right button on each side of the photo.  Not only current style, but also most easily mobile compatible.  Style isn't critical to me personally though. 
  • Ability to add a title and description to each photo. 
  • Ability to hashtag a photo, perhaps in a special section rather than the title or description.
  • Ability to comment on photos and reply to comments.  As I picture it, these would not go to the group or archives, but remain on the photos section.  Mods would be able to edit or delete these, as with any other content.  I guess you wouldn't need a description section if the comments idea could work.  Just add the first comment when you post it.  Comments either would not show up in the Navigator view I mentioned above, or else perhaps show up on the side Facebook style (I know, I know, FB bad ;) ).  Enable an option either way when creating the album maybe? 
  • Ability to rate photos with stars (1-4 or 5), thumbs (+/-), likes (+ only) or votes (#+/-), as the (mod/creator of the album) prefers. 
  • Ability to flag a photo as inappropriate.  This would notify the owner and designated mods, so that a review of the item can be made, and it can be removed/blocked if it violates group policies.  The flag would otherwise be invisible to other users so as not to provoke issues between members.  Mods would be able to see who flagged the picture.

That's all I have for now, what would you like to see in a photo section?




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