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cdjamieson@shaw.ca sendis:

if I am understanding this correctly,
I'm not quite sure you do :-)

I would not want anything deleted. That is up to the group members if that is a rule of the group; which it is in a lot of canine/feline health groups, but isn't in just chatty groups
I'm not interested in chatty groups, I'm talking discussion-type groups. In those you NEED to be able to quote the pieces you're commenting, and put your comments below them. Being able to read the previous message afterwards won't do.

Of course quoting and trimming customs vary from group to group, but lots of people hate it when all previous messages in a thread are sent along (=TOFU).
An autotrim-option would mean you never have to remind people to not send along superfluous pieces of quote. If you want nothing to be deleted, all you have to do is type something BELOW what you want quoted.
I've found that this custom prevents a lot of (unnecesary) replies to things that weren't said, but merely misremembered.

As to different ways of quoting , I'm fine with what I call(ed) TRADITIONAL quoting, like the pioneers in "usenet" had even before I sent my first e-mail. With a > for every time it's been quoted

As to HTML. What would I (or any EMAIL-list) need that for? [Yes, I am a bit of a "dinosaur" :-)]

groetjes, Ronaldo

On Oct 12, 2014, at 10:34 AM, ro-esp@dds.nl wrote:

Hi, I'm new here.

the archive looks pretty "clean", but how does it work in email? Is there an option to use the traditional interspersing quoting ( http://www.learn.to/quote )? Is there an autotrim-feature like on googlegroups (the only "edge" googlegroups has IMHO), that deletes everything under the last unindented line?

Are messages sorted according to subjectline? does the system assign a new thread to a message that has the subjectline changed?
groetjes, Ronaldo
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