locked Re: Disable archives?


On 1/12/2015 4:15 AM, D R Stinson wrote:

So delete my message archives?? You might as well delete my group!
I agree. To some point. A mod/owner should be able to delete an
inappropriate post if some "member" passes enough tests to get a
full-post priv - and then posts inappropriate posts. Or legitimate
members who get hacked/spoofed.

Removing an individual post at the request of the individual could
require a request to the -owner account with the reason for the
removal. Someone who has found that their account was hacked/spoofed
and are posting erroneous info - no brainer. Someone who has changed
their mind about their original post - I'd recommend they refer to
their original post and write a new one with their changed opinion,
and a referral to the OP - or even as a reply to the OP with the
newly learned info.


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