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On 1/12/2015 12:28 AM, Feathered Leader wrote:

2. The ability to add members directly is also another deal breaker for
many people, and not just as the one time fee thing, (which could be

Maybe there could be a way to allow ONLY the group owner to add maybe
just 5-10 members per month, or some other semi-reasonable number that
might allow you to implement this for free without having the abuse
issues of adding a lot at once.

The reason so many Group owners need this add-members feature so badly,
is that SO many Yahoo users are elderly, handicapped or both, and not at
all tech savvy. one of my own moderators in my MM group has this very
problem. So even sending them an invite does not work. -- Something I
hope you'll consider
Maybe a one-time "mass" add option?

For those of us with a yGroup who want to move to another platform,
being able to migrate an entire group membership, when all of the group
are willing and trust us to move them without having to do anything on
their own - maximum approve the add - would be really helpful in moving
groups from YG to *any* other platform.


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