locked Photos Wishlist Thread #suggestion


Some things I would like to see in a photos feature:
  • Ability to create albums (possibly with a cover photo).
  • Navigation through an album with a left/right button on each side of the photo.  Not only current style, but also most easily mobile compatible.  Style isn't critical to me personally though. 
  • Ability to add a title and description to each photo. 
  • Ability to hashtag a photo, perhaps in a special section rather than the title or description.
  • Ability to comment on photos and reply to comments.  As I picture it, these would not go to the group or archives, but remain on the photos section.  Mods would be able to edit or delete these, as with any other content.  I guess you wouldn't need a description section if the comments idea could work.  Just add the first comment when you post it.  Comments either would not show up in the Navigator view I mentioned above, or else perhaps show up on the side Facebook style (I know, I know, FB bad ;) ).  Enable an option either way when creating the album maybe? 
  • Ability to rate photos with stars (1-4 or 5), thumbs (+/-), likes (+ only) or votes (#+/-), as the (mod/creator of the album) prefers. 
  • Ability to flag a photo as inappropriate.  This would notify the owner and designated mods, so that a review of the item can be made, and it can be removed/blocked if it violates group policies.  The flag would otherwise be invisible to other users so as not to provoke issues between members.  Mods would be able to see who flagged the picture.
That's all I have for now, what would you like to see in a photo section?

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