locked Re: trimming and e-mail



Plain text emails are passed through unmodified, except for the addition of the message footer. In addition, you can set your group for plain text only, which means that any HTML messages will be converted to plain text (if they contain a plain text part, that will be used, otherwise the HTML will be converted to plain text). If the group is not set to plain text only, HTML messages are sent through unconverted.


On Mon, Oct 13, 2014 at 5:58 AM, Laurence Taylor <g7mzh@...> wrote:
On 12/10/2014 17:57, Mark Fletcher wrote:
> Hi Ronaldo,
> Figuring out what's quoted and what isn't is a very tricky thing to do
> programmatically, because there are so many different ways of indicating
> quoting. What we try to do right now is only collapse a quoted part of a
> message if there's only one quoted part of the message, and if the quoted
> part falls at the end of the message. It's more tricky if it's an HTML
> message, and we're not as good at it as I'd like, but that's the goal.

On that subject, is it possible to send plain text messages (no MIME
codes, no odd symbles, just good old 7-bit, like this one is) and have
them pass through unmolested?

Also, what happens if someone sends something written in HTML? Does your
system try to extract the text, or is it left up to the recipient's mail


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