locked Database Wishlist #suggestion


As I just mentioned, I thought I would start a thread for wishlists that would go with categories of features that may not be out yet.  This one is for Databases.  Please feel free to add your own wishlist items to this thread.  That's what it's for.  @Mark, I know some things may be pie in the sky, but that's why it's a wish list.  I'll be happy with anything even close. 
Things I would like to see in a database feature:
  • As unlimited as reasonably possible for field options.  Not asking for GoogleDocs integration or anything, but as many columns as can be allowed in a free service would help some groups.  I thnk the default of 10 was YG standard for years and last I saw commentary many folks found that too few.  Suggest ballpark goal of 20, if possible. 
  • Ability to upload pictures to at least one column (a size or file type limit would seem logical to apply here).  One of my pasttimes on groups was play by email games, and being able to upload small gifs or graphics to a database would let people create ranking systems or awards in a visual way.  Granted, once graphics come to the wiki page, one could do the same there, but databases have their own special characteristics, like being able to sort and filter.  For larger collections of data, this might be crucial for some groups. 
  • Ability to sort and filter columns. XD
  • Exportability as a spreadsheet.  For those groups that use these for address lists, it would be a critical feature.
  • Ability to include hyperlinks in a field.  That way people could make entries and also link to outside sources.  This could also replace the need for a dedicated Links page, so you get a two-fer feature for groups that want Links page.  If you want to get really slick, let people upload a graphic and use that as a link.  OK, so maybe that's crazy talk.  It would be unique though!
  • Ability to import a list or spreadsheet and have it land in a database feature.
  • Ability to insert new columns after creation, in case needs change.
That's all I can think of for now.  What would any of you like to see?

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